Dear Bachelor Degree Students!

Bachelor Degree Of Management (Policy and Social Environment) - University Malaysia Terengganu

Dear Bachelor Degree students,

Degree life ain't easy
It ain't a walk in a park
You will be challenged
by family members who are begging you to finish it
or by family members who have nothing better to do but compare you to your cousin
or your duapupu, tigapupu, sepuluhpupu in that matter

You will be challenged
by friends who will always be there by your side
by "friends" who will be there by your side (when you are valuabe)
by "friends" who will drive you insane, not cooperate, or even stab you in the back

You will be challenged
by strict lecturers
by insane deadlines
by Bloom 10 assessments!

You will be challenged
by the forever thinning wallet
by the constant cries of Sales
You may eat once a day
You may be forced to be less lavish

You may feel like breaking down
You may feel like pushing away the stuff on your desk
and "screw it, I'm done with this confetti (ref: HIMYM)"

That's normal

Always remember why is it that you are pursuing that annoying certificate. Yes, it is annoying. All the blood, sweat, tears and caffeine for that thick paper scroll, oversized robe and loose hat.

But let me tell you the ultimate joy
when you see your mother and your father smiling and so proud of you when you walk across the stage
when the Master Ceremony gloriously calls your name and your parents go "That's my baby!"
That feeling is by far one of the best moments of my life

Always remember what motivates you in taking that degree
Is it to help your parents one day? Then stand up and finish the damn thing!
Is it so that you can shove it down to your naysayers? Then stand up and finish the damn thing and PROVE THEM WRONG!

"But this course is not my choice? I HATE this course! I HATE learning. I just wanna earn money!"
Fine then
More the reason to stand up, finish the damn thing so that you can finally say "Good riddance"

Stand up
Be strong
The road is ending
You are almost there ;)

Credit : Zachariah Aidin Druckman


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  2. congrats for your bachelor degree!

  3. saya tgh study diploma in early childhood educatin.wish me goodluck okey?


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